"Erica loves cats. She has two, Gianfilippo and Nerina.
She likes cooking and eating, but she hates washing dishes.

Erica writes and sings since she was 16, She enjoys playing guitar and keyboards.

Since 2015 she played on 35 stages, including Mei, Expo, Meeting del Mare, Arezzo Wave and others.

She won the third place of the Supernova Music Fest contest.

She likes taking photos on Instagram.

She is Ibanez endorser, for which she wrote the folk ballad "Little Corner".

In 2015 she recorded her first Ep, called White Fever, a 7 tracks album. 
The song White Fever is about extermination of cultures, how the white men killed the Native Americans in the name of progress.

Even if she doesn't like politicized music, she supports political and social ideas, actively.

She enjoys writing in third person about herself. "